just thanks………

21 07 2008

My heart
fell into the palms of your hands
this love
made me understand

I’ve waited all my life for you
thought i’d live and die alone

enraptured by the beauty
I’m a prisoner of your love
enslaved by the passion
I’m a prisoner of your love

I’m wrapped around your finger
like the ring on your hand
I’m trapped
by your love i’m yours, please understand

What can I do?
Will I be getting through
Now that I must try
To leave it all behind
Did you see
What you have done to me
So hard to justify
Slowly is passing by

Here I am
Seeing you once again
My minds so far away
My hearts so close
To stay
Too proud to fight
Im walking back into night
Will I ever find
Someone to believe

Forever and one
I will miss you
However, I kiss you
Yet again
Way down in neverland
So hard I was trying
Tomorrow ill still be crying
How could you hide
your lies…..Your lies




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