its never too late…

25 07 2008

Baby don’t understand why we just can’t hold on to each others hands
this time might be the last I fear unless I make it all to clear
I need you so

Baby end tonight we can take what was wrong
and make it right … cause baby it’s all i know
that your half of the flesh and blood that makes me whole
makes me whole
So take these broken wings and fly away
learn to live enough for another day
lets fly

Lost in a feeling
And this distance between us
I start believing
These days we’re drifting apart
We’re leading separate lives
Separately missing each other
It’s time that we face the light
We can’t go on pretending this way

I want to get back to the place in your heart
When we knew with a kiss
How we felt from the start
Can we still make it real
As we lie in the dark
Am I still there
In the place in your heart

When was the last time
We were lost in the moment
Seems like we can’t find
Oh, the love that we used to share
If I could take you there
Could we surrender together
Somewhere to begin again
Oh, it hurts just to go this way

Times that I let you down
You could have just walked away
Yes, I need your forgiveness now
Don’t say it’s too late




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