Cell phone exploded inside car!

5 08 2008

An incident of a cell phone explosion inside a vehicle cabin was reported in Saudi Arabia recently. The cell phone was reported left inside the car compartment while the vehicle was parked in an open area. One of the cell phone has its power ON, it was close to midday. Reportedly after an hour in the parking area, one of the cell phone exploded!

Obviously, the battery of the cell phone is the only component as the legitimate source of stored energy. The solar heat obviously pressurized the car’s closed cabin. What trigger the explosion could be the overheated battery caused by extremely high temperature magnified by the windshield (glass) and the sealed (unventilated) vehicle cabin.

The lesson learn from this incident is, better not to leave cell phone in the car compartment especially when the vehicle is exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period.

copy paste from : http://d2dinfo.com/ ( Some infos that you should know )




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